Amorphous Alloy Powder Production Equipment

Technical principle: After vacuum evacuation of the sealed melting chamber, the molten metal in the inert gas protection environment is sprayed onto the cooling roller rotating at high speed under the set conditions, and the amorphous powder material is p

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Product introduction

  Application and Principles

  Quench cool amorphous powdered material production line provided by is a close cooperation technology with Japan,and it is a single-roller quench cooling equipment.

  Its working principle refers to that smelted metal is jetted onto quench cooling roller in high-speed rotation under given conditions in Ar gas environment,after vacuum exhausting,and then the amorphous thin band though quench cooling process.

  Currently,the supplying equipment is mainly applied to powder production at 200Kg,300Kg,and 500Kg grade.


  Performances and Superiorities

  Quench cool amorphous powdered material production line provided by is one projects technologically cooperated with Japan,bringing domestic clients with world advanced technological installation in which the core technology fills up the domestic technological gaps and possesses following advantageous performances:

  1.Vacuum reaching pressure:10-3 Pa(when filling with specimen and nozzle);
  2.Leakage volume:less than 10-9Pam3/sec;
  3.Injection pressure:MAX 0.1MPa;
  4.Smelting capacity:5-500g/based on iron;
  5.Highest heating temperature:1700℃;
  6.Common heating temperature:1500℃;
  7.Cooling roller rotating speed:100-4000rpm;


  Peripheral device performance parameters:

  1.Power supply:3 phases,220V,13KVA(clients need to prepare voltage transformer for their own)
  2.Cooling water:25L/min,water pressure:0.35MPa(backpressure:less than 0.1MPa)
  3.Inert gas(Ar):displaced capacity 100L/per time,pressure 0.5MPa.



Type: Powder Production Equipment

Input Size: blocks, plates, bars, rods, etc. raw materials in various sizes.

Processed Materials: magnetic material

Applications: Amorphous Alloy Powder Production Equipment continuously produces amorphous alloy powder electrics, usd for electronic components, military industry etc..


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