Centrifugal Atomization Powder Production Equipment

  Technical principle: The raw material is heated and smelted and poured into the heat preservation tundish crucible, which leads to the center of the high-speed rotating disk through the current-limiting outlet tube device, forming a layer of molten liqu

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Product introduction

  Application and Principles
  The principle of rotating-disk centrifuge atomization technology refers to that metal liquid flows from smelting furnace toward the center of high-speed rotating disk along through current-limiting guiding device,and then distributes radially,forming a motel-metal thin membrane over rotating disk and this membrane reaching the edge of rotating disk under the effects of inertia and centrifugal force,and consequently the thin membrane is atomized into droplets and furthermore they are solidified into powder.With controlling the parameters of atomizing temperature and rotating speed of rotating disk,atomization can produce high-qualified non-hollow-bore powdered material with even particle size,good flow-ability and good arrangement.
  Rotating-disk centrifugal atomization equipment is suitable for the preparation of metal and alloy powders with various melting points,such as solder,aluminum powder,magnesium powder,Sn-Pb powder,Sn-Zn powder,copper powder,stainless-steel powder and other spherical powdered materials.

  Advantages and Features
  It is applied to the preparation of metal and alloy powders with various melting points,for battery materials,catalyzer and injection molding,3D printing materials;
  The powder produced with good flow-ability and arrangement;
  It reduces production costs and procedure steps,and produces high-qualified non-hollow powder with even particle size;
  Equipment technology is easily operated and maintained;
  The rotating speed for atomization is usually 20000~40000rpm,and daily output can reach more than 2 tons;
  Currently,this company has already developed rotating-disk centrifugal atomization preparation powdered material production line,suitable for high melting-point and superfine powder.Its smelting temperature reaches 1750℃,high-speed electric motor 60000~120000rpm,and it is available for producing the powder with particle size 5~350µm.

  Core Module Structure Technology

  Rotating-disk centrifugal atomization preparation powdered material production line is consisted of smelting furnace,high rotating-speed centrifugal atomizer,and atomized powder collecting barrel.Each module is precisely controlled by intelligent controlling system.



Type: Powder Production Equipment

Input Size: blocks, plates, bars, rods, etc. raw materials in various sizes.

Processed Materials: metals or alloys

Applications: Centrifugal Atomization Powder Production Equipment uses rotating-disk centrifuge atomization technology.


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