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Product introduction

  Product introduction:

  This high-temperature coating heating device uses resistance wire as heating element,vertical upper discharge structure with stirring device,adopts Xiamen Yudian 30-segment temperature control system,phase-shift triggering,thyristor control,and furnace liner uses high-purity quartz Glass tube(with cover),furnace insulation layer is composed of high temperature resistant ceramic fiber cotton.



  The furnace cover is sealed by a stainless steel flange.The furnace has the advantages of balanced temperature field,low surface temperature,fast temperature rise and fall,energy saving,etc.It is ideal for high-temperature atmosphere sintering,atmospheric reduction,and vacuum annealing in universities,research institutes,and industrial and mining enterprises.product.


  The main function of the equipment:It is used for the carbon coating process of the anode material,solving the problem of uneven carbonization of the asphalt coating of the static kiln,and solving the difficult problem of tar emission.


  Principle introduction:It has a cylindrical mixing cylinder and is equipped with a central rotating shaft with a rotating speed of 30r/min.The rotating shaft is equipped with a blade that slides along the barrel wall,with animal materials tumbled.The high-temperature resistance wire is used to heat the cylinder wall,and the heat is transmitted to the material,so that the material can be fully mixed and coated.

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