Gas Flame Spheroidization Powder Manufacturing Equipment

Technical principle: the high-temperature flame is sprayed according to the set injection angle and flame length through a specially designed gas burner, and a high-temperature flame zone is formed in the spheroidization chamber.

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Product introduction

  The principle of the gas flame spheroidizing powder technology is to spray a high-temperature flame through a specially designed gas burner according to a set injection angle and flame length,forming a high-temperature flame zone in the spheroidizing chamber,and irregularly shaped raw material powder is transported by carrier gas(air).The powder feeder is sprayed into the high-temperature flame zone.The powder particles absorb a large amount of heat under the burning of the high-temperature flame,the surface melts rapidly,and enters the reactor at a very high speed.Under the dual effects of rapid air cooling and surface tension,it cools down.It solidifies into a spherical powder,and then enters the receiving room for collection.


  The main structure includes burner,burner control system,flame spheroidization chamber,console,gas supply system,powder feeding system,collection room and powder collecting system,platform support,extraction system,electrical control and measurement system,industrial chiller Wait.


  Gas flame spheroidization technology is a technology that uses a high-temperature flame that is fully burned to directly burn powder materials to achieve spheroidization.Compared with radio frequency plasma spheroidization equipment,gas flame spheroidization equipment has the advantages of small equipment investment,large processing capacity,low production cost and other advantages.It has great advantages in industrialized powder spheroidization treatment.


  1.The flame temperature,length,spray amount,spray angle and speed,and oxygen combustion ratio can be intelligently adjusted according to the production process and material characteristics.The control accuracy is high,and the energy density and powder material of the high-temperature flame spheroidization zone are effectively guaranteed.High temperature retention time
  2.High energy density,high heating intensity,low production cost and large processing capacity;
  3,the reaction material is dynamically dispersed in a high temperature flame,which can avoid agglomeration and growth of the powder,which is suitable for melting and spheroidizing of the powder;
  4.Intelligent control of oxygen combustion ratio,full combustion,no carbon deposit,and low product pollution;
  5.The temperature of the natural gas combustion flame can be adjusted,and the temperature can reach more than 3000℃under the oxygen combustion;
  6.Improved morphology,regular powder shape,high spheroidization rate,smooth surface,and good fluidity;
  7.Powder compactness and bulk density increase;

  8.Elimination of internal pores and increase of hardness.



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