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Mesh Belt Sintering Equipment

Technical principle: The raw materials of the components produced by compression molding and injection molding of powder raw materials need to remove the binder added for easy molding, and then sinter and alloy at a certain heating temperature to obtain powder metallurgy components with excellent mechanical properties ; Under the condition of gas protection, it can provide the reducing or neutral atmosphere environment required for the heating and sintering of powder shaped products.

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Product introduction

  Equipment use and principle

  Net belt sintering equipment is mainly used for sintering of powdered metallurgical iron and copper-based products and reduction and annealing of metal powder.


  The whole set of equipment consists of furnace body,mesh belt drive system and temperature control system.

  Oven body consists of feeding section,pre-calcining section,sintering section,slow cooling section,water cooling section and discharge section.


  The mesh belt transmission system is composed of high temperature resistant mesh belt,transmission device,speed regulating device,etc.,and is equipped with a mesh belt speed display.


  Equipment advantages and characteristics

  This equipment is prepared by Jiutai Technology combined with many years of manufacturing design experience,combined with the current professional knowledge in various fields,applying the overall solution system to maintain the industry level,and launching new materials that are welcomed by the market.


  It mainly has the following advantages and characteristics:

  The integrated furnace structure with patented technology(patent number:ZL200730070496.0)improves the insulation performance and is easy to maintain.


  The temperature control system is composed of thermocouple,digital intelligent PID regulator and thyristor to form a closed-loop control system,which can realize automatic and accurate temperature control.
  1.Gas heating and degreasing function;
  2.Gas quenching function;
  3.Carbon control system;
  4.Atmospheric dew point inspection system;
  5.Atmospheric oxygen content detection system 6

  7.Can be equipped with quick degreasing system.


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