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Mesh belt tempering / annealing equipment


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Product introduction


  The main function of mesh belt tempering/annealing equipment is to degrease,sinter and cool iron-based and copper-based powder metallurgy pressed parts in a protective atmosphere.


  Powder metallurgy mesh belt tempering/annealing equipment adopts mature technology,which has the advantages of high reliability,long service life and simple and clear control.This equipment adopts novel furnace structure,optimized thermal insulation design(obtained national patent),fully automatic temperature and operation control,beautiful appearance of the equipment,humanized operation,energy saving and environmental protection,and can uniquely meet the unique production process of the user.


  The furnace type is a muffle-type sintering furnace tube made of heat-resistant stainless steel mesh belt continuous transfer resistance heating furnace,degreasing and pre-burning section,and high-temperature sintering section,which are made of D-shaped heat-resistant stainless steel.The cooling method is water jacket cooling.


  From the upstream of the equipment from the operation line,it is composed of driving device,feeding section,degreasing and pre-burning section furnace body,high-temperature sintering section furnace body,cooling device,discharging device,various piping and electrical,temperature control system,mesh belt control system,etc.


  The protective atmosphere uses ammonia decomposition gas or nitrogen and hydrogen mixed gas.



  II.Structural design features of this equipment
  The sintering section adopts high-temperature resistance wire heating method.
  ·Long life optimized design Muffle furnace tube.
  ·Inverter controls mesh belt conveyor.
  ·Integrated furnace structure with patented technology(patent number ZL2007300704960),which greatly improves the furnace's thermal insulation performance and facilitates maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.

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