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Special Titanium Alloy Products High Vacuum Sintering Equipment

Technical principle: Titanium alloy parts produced by cold isostatic pressing of titanium alloy powder materials are sintered and alloyed at a certain heating temperature to obtain powder metallurgical parts with excellent mechanical properties; under hig

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Product introduction

  Overview and Principles
  This series of horizontal vacuum degreasing and sintering equipment is mainly applied to the degreasing and sintering of MIM/PM stainless-steel products,bored filtering material,cemented carbide,high-temperature alloy,high-proportion alloy,magnetic material,and carbide products,accomplishing two continuous producing procedure,degreasing and sintering,in one furnace.
  Major structures:horizontal water cooling unit pattern and front-door or bi-doors front and rear.Depending on the demand for furnace temperature and process requirement,clients can choose graphite as heating element and heat insulating screen.Adopt carbon sealed box,which is inserted with multi-layer high-impact graphite material plate.Heating elements can be distributed among multiple districts,and each one can control temperature independently,programmable PID regulating.

  Advantages and Features
  This equipment made by combining with rich experience of producing and designing,and also with the most advanced,presently,technologies among each fields,applies integrated solving system which maintains the leading-level in the field,and introduces the new material preparation which is commonly marketing-popular.
  It mainly has following advantages and features:
  Owned patent technologies(Patent No.ZL200730070496.0),integrated furnace structure is innovated and developed.
  1.One-furnace degreasing and sintering can prevent repeated removing of products,heating and cooling,improve product quality,shorten production period,and increase production efficiency;
  2.Particular degreasing seal furnace and fat trapper reduce the pollution on inside furnace wall,heat insulating screen and heating elements,allowing more efficient degreasing and fat gathering;
  3.Particular sealed furnace is beneficial for improving the homogeneity of furnace temperature distribution;
  4.Directional current degreasing strengthens the effect of degreasing,and makes it more completely;
  5.It can conduct constant-pressure/partial-pressure sintering,achieving the compression of metal volatilization,improving product densification and quality;
  6.Equipped with fast-cooling function,regulating cooling speed depending on production process;
  7.The furnace hearth can be removed out,convenient for maintenance;
  8.Equipped with gas filling device,filling in furnace with shielding gas or working gas,and its flow is adjustable.
  9.Equipped with furnace internal-circulation cooling device,accelerating the cooling of material in furnace,shortening working period,and beneficial for improving product quality and performing efficiency;
  10.Adopt one-key launching control,high automation.

  Improve the performances of following devices through upgrading:
  1.Lock-ring auto-open-door device
  2.Integrated rigid carbon felt heat insulating screen(imported material)
  3.Imported graphite heating element,and graphite sealed box
  4.Molybdenum heating element and molybdenum&metal heat insulating screen
  5.Intelligent one-key control system
  6.Ultrahigh vacuum obtaining system(oil diffusion pump)

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