(VIGA) Vacuum induction melting and Inert gas Atomization equipment;

Technical principle: The molten metal smelted under vacuum or gas-shielded heating conditions passes through the thermal insulation tundish crucible and flow-limiting diversion tube, and is introduced into a high-pressure gas atomizer. The high-speed gas

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Product introduction

  Application and Principles

  Gas atomization preparation powdered material production line is featured as an equipment designed for producing metal ball-shaped powder by gas atomization under certain conditions.


  Its working principles refer to the smelting of metals or metal alloys with gas protection,in which metal liquids flow(downward)out of fluid-direction nozzle through holding crucible furnace,atomizing the metal liquid into amount of tiny droplets by high-pressure gas flow with nozzles,and those tiny drops in air solidified into spherical or sub-spherical particles,finally achieving in power making.

  Superiorities and Features

  Gas atomization preparation powdered material production line provided by is equipped with world advanced technologies of this field,primarily processed with following features:


  1.Online examination on oxygen content of gas in the course of atomizing inert gas,significantly beneficial for controlling oxygen content of powdered materials.
  2.Pressure differential controlling type of atomization function,precisely control atomized metal flow rate technological parameters,stable production quality,malfunctions in equipment operation reduced.
  3.Video surveillance on key parts of equipment,observe equipment operation status in time.
  4.[Tightly-coupled supersonic-speed gas atomizer],the core essential technology,is professionally researched and developed with advanced high-efficiency and can produce superfine powdered material at high proportion and consume little gas volume,greatly reducing production cost.
  5.Optimal designs to fast-air-cooling system and atomization tower reduce co-existence satellite powder.
  6.Equipment operation control software and HMI human-machine interaction control interface highlight the highly professional understanding for powdered material produce.
  7.The sizes,shapes and particle size distribution of powdered materials can be regulated through altering atomization technology and adjusting technological parameters.

  Major technical parameters

  Product technical parameters of equipments are presented as below,and partial of these data will be updated as the product innovation,please contact us if any latest datas:




Type: Powder Production Equipment

Input Size: blocks, plates, bars, rods, etc. raw materials in various sizes.

Processed Materials: metals or alloys

Applications: Vacuum melting gas atomization powder manufacturing equipment is designed for producing metallic spherical powder by atomizing under certain conditions.


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