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Vacuum High Temperature Induction Sintering Equipment

Technical principle: the raw materials of parts produced by powder molding after compression molding, injection molding, isostatic pressing, additive manufacturing molding, etc. need to remove the binder added for easy molding, and then sinter alloying at

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Product introduction

  Application and Principles
  Vacuum induction high-temperature sintering furnace uses medium-frequency power supply induction furnace inner heating elements(graphite or tungsten),under vacuum or gas environment,to generate induced current,and furthermore generate high temperature conducted to working elements by radiation,heating them to process required temperature.

  This equipment is primarily adopted to sintering of high-temperature alloy materials,sintering of medical artificial bones,and also as high-temperature treatment on high-temperature materials like carbon.Especially,it is suitable for the sintering of tungsten and molybdenum products.


  Principle Technical Parameters

  Product technical parameters of equipment are presented as below,and partial of these data will be updated as the product innovation,please contact us if any latest data:



  It is standard configuration above,and can be adjusted according to the demand from customers.


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