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Skyline share | The silicon-carbon cathode material prepared by "a high temperature pyrolysis method

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  High temperature pyrolysis usually uses polymer as carbon source,nano-silicon,silicon oxide,etc.as silicon source,using"silicon-carbon anode special coating equipment"developed by Hunan Skyline Smart&Material Technology Co,Ltd. under inert atmosphere Amorphous carbon-coated silicon materials produced by high-temperature pyrolysis of polymers to obtain carbon-coated silicon-structured silicon-carbon active materials are also common methods for the preparation of silicon-carbon composite materials.The amorphous carbon void structure produced by high-temperature pyrolysis of polymers is more developed,which can better inhibit the volume change of silicon-based materials,and its coating on the outside of silicon materials can act as a buffer. An anode active material of silicon/carbon/carbon nanotube ternary composite was prepared by pyrolyzing bitumen,nano-silicon,and specially treated carbon nanotubes.The initial discharge specific capacity can reach 1077mAh/g,and the reversible capacity after 20 weeks of cycling can still up to 703mAh/g.


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  We are Hunan Skyline Smart Material Technology Co,Ltd,established in 2011,is located in the eastern industrial park of Yiyang National High-tech Zone, Hunan Province. As a high-tech company for professional R&D and manufacturing intelligent new material production technology equipment and provide the comprehensive solutions for innovative materials, especially focusing on the manufacturing technology research and development and manufacturing of production equipment for various structural and functional superfine and micro-nano powder new materials. The product industry chain includes preparation technology and equipment for high-performance powder materials,modification technology and equipment for powder materials,sintering and heat treatment technologies and equipment for powder rapid prototyping products,and the industry technologies involved in chemistry,metallurgy,and materials science, and mechanical design technology,industrial heating technology,atmosphere control technology,vacuum control technology,intelligent control technology,etc.These cross-scientific and technical are integrated,that is,comprehensive and professional,with high complexity.

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  The core team of company has more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of advanced intelligent manufacturing and new material preparation.It is the unit responsible for scientific research in the high-tech field of the Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology,a high-tech enterprise,and a"specialized and special new"enterprise in Hunan Province, China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Hunan outstanding region outstanding enterprises, Japan FKC Co,Ltd. cooperative production base, innovative research and development and manufacturing strength.


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