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Good news | AAA! Skyline Smart was awarded a high grade of enterprise credit

The release date:2020-05-20 Source:Original viewed:1177

  Recently, Hunan Skyline Smart Material&Technology Co, Ltd. has been awarded the title of "AAA Credit Enterprise " by the China National Standardization Administration Committee, which relied on the business principle of "Integrity Management, Integrity Production, Integrity Service, Integrity Cooperation"

  Enterprise credit evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of the company's operating conditions, credit record, development prospect, social responsibility and compliance capabilities. This evaluation level is a reflection of the company's overall comprehensive strength and competitiveness, and it is also an "identity card" of the company's credit value . We have obtained the AAA grade credit certificate this time, which have the great significance to build the company's integrity enterprise construction and professional brand management.

  To receive this honor is the industry's high recognition and encouragement for Hunan Skyline Smart Material&Technology Co, Ltd. In the future, Skyline Smart will continue to pioneer and innovate, uphold high standards and refined service concepts, create greater value for customers, focus on integrity management, carry forward the craftsman spirit, and continue to add practical advantages to the industry's credit construction with practical actions and make a contribution to the sustainable development of innovative material manufacturing technology solutions.

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