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Skyline is exhibiting on the Alumina and advanced ceramics conference in Guangzhou

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Alumina and advanced ceramics conference



What is most important in 2020 is probably considered by many people to be "alive." If you think it's not easy to live, why not go out and chat with other friends in the industry, go to Guangzhou for morning tea, and take part in the "Alumina and Advanced Ceramics" exchange exhibition?

The development of many emerging industries has put forward higher requirements for materials. As an important part of new materials, advanced ceramics are playing an increasingly important role in the national economy. Popular applications that emerge from time to time even detonate the entire industry. Such as 5G filters, bulletproof ceramics, electronic cigarettes, piezoelectric ceramics, etc.


If you are interested in these, please don’t miss the “2020 National Alumina Powder Preparation and Application Exchange Conference” and the “2020 National Advanced Ceramic Innovation Development Forum&New Product Exhibition", held in Guangzhou MeiLihao Hotel on August 6-8. we are waiting for your arrival on the spot!



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