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       The company was established in 1995. With the expansion of the company's scale and the reform of the shareholding system, the company was renamed in 2018 as "Hunan Skyline Smart Materials&Technology Co., Ltd".which is located in eastern industrial park of Yiyang National High-tech Zone,Hunan Province,China.As a high-tech company specializing in R&D and manufacturing the intelligent technology equipment for new materials,providing the comprehensive solutions for innovative material preparation,especially we focus on the R&D of preparation technology and manufacturing of production equipment for various structural and functional superfine,micro-nano powdered new materials.Our product chain includes high performance powdered materials preparation technology and equipment,powdered materials modification technology and equipment,powdered products sintering and heat treatment technology and equipment,etc.This industry technology involved in chemical,metallurgy,materials science,quantum mechanics,mechanical design technology,industrial heating technology,atmosphere control technology,vacuum control technology and intelligent control technology and so on.These cross subjects and technologies are integrated,comprehensive and professional,with high complexity.


Technical advantages

         Our company’s core team successfully developed the gas atomization powder manufacturing equipment in 1995 and the plasma atomization production line for the third generation of high-purity semiconductor powdered materials preparation(GaN)in 2016 and the 500KG grade vacuum melting atomization equipment for metal 3D printing of high quality powdered materials production in 2017,which all belong to the first creation in domestic or international.Our company has been focusing on the innovation and R&D for new materials preparation technology,and has applied for 84 patents,including 16 patents for high-tech plasma atomization powdered materials preparation production line.





          Our company has established a large-scale domestic testing and show center for metal powdered materials manufacturing equipment and new materials technology to develop the core technology of innovative material preparation at home and abroad,and to keep the technological advantages of global advanced system solutions.


         Our company has strong abilities in the complete sets of equipment R&D,manufacture,installation,debugging and after-sales service in new materials preparation,and our equipments have been exported to Europe,the United States and Japan and other developed countries and regions.



          The company has continuously increased R&D investment,introduced the innovative talents,developed several industry technologies and equipments with independent intellectual property rights,and applied for a number of patents;We will take professional technology as the guide,integrated the uniqueness,novelty and professionalism in intelligent technology to upgrade our products and services,became the benchmark of product innovation in this industry,let the innovation become our core competitiveness in the market.



Russian rocket research institute visit



We provided the intelligent equipment for our customers


Talent advantage

        Hunan Skyline Smart Material&Technology Co.,Ltd has a technical R&D and production management team with professional background and profound engineering experience,which has 92 employees now,including 34 technical and R&D personnel,58 production and management personnel.

          Our company has kept long-term and stable technical exchanges and cooperation with Central South University,Beijing University of Science and Technology and Beijing Machinery Research Institute and other institutions,such as our company specially invited Professor Liu Zhijian,Ph.D.Supervisor and Director of the Institute of Functional Materials of Central South University,as the chief scientific consultant;Established joint R&D cooperation relationships with the team of Academician Ge Changchun of Beijing University of Science and Technology in new materials frontier field,etc.


Cooperated with Academician Ge Changchun and his team from Beijing University of Science and Technology


        Our company has maintained the strategic cooperation agreements with the team of Academician Inoue Akihisa of Japan and FKC-tech company,at the same time,we have kept the long-term technical relationship with the same industry in Germany and UK,introduced the global talents and intellectual resources to ensure the advancement of technology and product.


Cooperated with Japan Academician-A.Inoue and his team



     Under Hongkong Technology Commission's support,we have wide and close cooperated with HKPC in material additive manufacturing industry chains,joint development of materials manufacturing technology and innovative printing technology,built a material additive manufacturing demonstration centre,promoted the Hongkong's science and technology and industry upgrading.Through these developments,we have opened up an emerging market in metal 3D printing field,which provided the technical foundation for a new high-end mahufacturing in China.


Cooperated with HKPC in innovation center for Industry 4.0 and material additive manufacturing



Mechanism advantage

      Hunan Skyline Smart Material&Technology Co.,Ltd has paid more attention to the construction of enterprise culture for a long time,regarding the enterprise culture as the core to condense the highly effective management,and through a comprehensive staff performance incentive mechanism and innovative reward mechanism,to stimulate the creativity and execution of team members and ensure the company’s high-speed development and service quality.


       Our company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.Through the management of standardization,process and institutionalization,so that we can ensure the quality for company’s technical and product.


Construction of International Micro / Nano Materials Joint Laboratory and Solution Demonstration Center

       Hunan Skyline Smart Material&Technology Co.,Ltd., will use its own technical advantages and industry influence to introduce international and domestic strategic cooperation resources. With the support of the local government, it will be established in an international micro-nano materials joint laboratory and solution that supports its long-term development direction. Solution demonstration center; with the help of the center's professional experimental equipment, pilot production lines, and testing instruments, the process of powder new material preparation and the research of the matching parameters of the process and equipment are studied with partners and customers to upgrade professional intelligent equipment. Provide on-site basis for research and development, and provide a powerful research and development support platform for improving domestic advanced intelligent manufacturing and new material system solution technology research and development level and maintaining international advanced level.

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